On the afternoon of September 18, 2018, at the Berlin International Rail Transit Technology Exhibition (InnoTrans2018) in Germany, China CRRC officially released the new generation of carbon fiber subway vehicle “CETROVO”.

CRRC carbon fiber metro trainset

CETROVO is a new generation of subways in China. It is developed with a large number of advanced new materials and new technologies. It is a comprehensive upgrade of the traditional subway in terms of energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and intelligence. It is the latest technological achievement in the field of China’s subway and represents the future subway train. The technical trend.
CETROVO adopts advanced carbon fiber technology. The car body, bogie frame, cab, equipment compartment and equipment body are all made of carbon fiber composite materials. It has successfully broken through the key technologies of carbon fiber large and complex parts design and manufacturing molding. It is a large-scale application of carbon fiber. Composite subway vehicle.
Compared with traditional metal materials such as steel and aluminum alloy, CETROVO’s body, driver’s cab and equipment cabin are reduced by more than 30%, the bogie frame is reduced by 40%, and the vehicle is reduced by 13%.


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