About us

  • Pullwing carbon fibre tubes
  • Carbon fiber yarn Processing
  • Mold warehouse

What we do

Karbon composites & Technology Co.,ltd is a comprehensive enterprise specially engaged in developing ,producing , marketing and consulting products technology about high performance materials and environmental materials, Our company mainly produces carbon fiber fabric,carbon fiber woven sleeve,carbon fiber/aramid/fiberglass hybrid fabric, aramid fiber cloth, and CFRP products, such as carbon fiber veneers, sheets, panels, surface tissue, prepreg, chopped stand.

Compression Moulding Workshop


We have good technological cooperation relationship with Wuhan University of Technology. We make customer specific and standard parts such as  Hydro foil ,light weight , arms, beams and other parts for robots and high speed pick & place equipment, components for medical and X-ray equipment, Aerial & auto parts, special tubes and panel,

Pultruded FRP products and pultruded CFRP products:pipes,rods, profile, grating, fence and ladder system, structural platform, cable tray,cross arm ,tool handles.

Accessories and material for Vacuum bagging,such as Bagging Film, Breather/Bleeder,Release film, Peel ply, Sealant tape.

How we do it

Karbon composites works with customers to create carbon fibre products with meet various requirements including Aerospace, Automotive ,Building and construction, Marine and maritime, sports equipment, arts and crafts, high-end bags, model aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

These composites fields often require an innovative approach to product design and process with is the core strength of Karbon.

Carbon fabric & Kevlar fabric workshop

Wells Advanced materials will continue to strive in development for both production process and new composites goods in order to broaden our client base to different industries.