Karbon composites supply Carbon Fiber Rods/Tubes square tubes,triangle tubes rectangular tubes, CRP profiles, etc.
Our Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) products are strong, light, rigid etc. Unit length is also on your request,
it could be from several millimeters to more than 30 kilometers (for small Dia rods )

Manufactured to high tolerances using either vinlyester or epoxy resins combined with carbon fiber in a continuous process our pulwinding profiles offer extremely high strength and stiffness.

triangular carbon fiber tube



Light Aircraft Tubing
Duct rod / Fish rods
Aerospace Instrument & Interior Supports
Photography & Sound Booms
Outer Space & Terrestrial Antennae Supports
Corrosion Resistant Equipment Marine
Sporting Goods
Oil & Gas
Robotic Arms & Supports
Power Generation
Window Shades
Wastewater Treatment
Advertising Panels
Lifting Spars

carbon fibre triangle tubes

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