Recently, Shanghai Petrochemical “48K large tow carbon fiber” stood out in the exhibition of the new materials industry exhibition of China International Industry Fair and won the first prize of outstanding exhibits.
After review by experts, the product has significant technological advancement, industrial influence and application effectiveness.

48k large tow carbon fiber

Shanghai Petrochemical 48K large tow carbon fiber, based on self-developed 12K PAN-based carbon fiber technology, using acrylonitrile as the main monomer, using sodium thiocyanate solution polymerization and wet spinning production technology,high temperature carbonization High-strength fiber has the characteristics of stable strength, less wool, good yarn-expanding performance, uniform glue absorption, etc.

It is suitable for pultrusion, multi-axial warp knitting, winding and laying, etc. It can be widely used in wind power blades, automobiles, petrochemicals. And other fields.

48k big carbon fiber yarn

In May 2016, Shanghai Petrochemical carried out research and research on the industrialization of carbon fiber 48K large tow. In January 2018, the company successfully developed the polymerization, spinning and oxidization carbonization technology of large tow carbon fiber, and formed the technical basis of the 1000-ton PAN-based 48K large tow carbon fiber complete technology package.

In March, Shanghai Petrochemical successfully produced a 48K large tow carbon fiber in the true sense of the country, and the set of “PAN (polyacrylonitrile) based big tow raw silk and carbon fiber technology and process package development” was identified by domestic authoritative experts. The overall technology of large tow has reached the international advanced level.

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